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St. Hilarion Press publications are now carried by  St. John Cassian Bookstore, Austin, Texas

   Publishing Treasures of Orthodoxy's Western Heritage


Contact: hieromonachusaidanus@yahoo.com

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There is no physical bookstore, but books may be ordered online, or viewed by appointment. 


Icon: St. John Cassian the Roman, Monastic Father of Gaul and the founder of St. Victor, Marseilles; often called "St. Cassian."

History: For decades the St. Hilarion Press (SHP) published diverse hagiographic and liturgical treasures from Orthodox Christianity's Western heritage. Many were fresh translations of texts and chants which before were inaccessible. Fr. Aidan (Keller), working for 21 years at an old calendarist monastery on these projects, then in 2008 was received into the Russian Orthodox Church, where the work has blossomed afresh. These treasures continue to be made available under a new aegis, the St. John Cassian Press. The Western Rite service books were blessed for use in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia on Sept. 26, 2008. Many new service books are being worked on now, and if you are capable of assisting in this great effort, please contact Fr. Aidan at the email above. 

Please do not order online, but mail or email Fr. Aidan at the address shown above!

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Titles in Stock

Orthodox Prayers of Old England   $40.00  

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Third Edition. This is a traditional Western Rite Prayer Book for Orthodox Christians, in English translation, with a strong pre-Schism orientation. An excellent Christmas present for those who love prayer, beautiful books, things historical, or all the above.

Contents include: Daily Prayers / Vespers / Compline / Matins / the Hours / Preparation for Holy Communion / Thanksgiving After Holy Communion / Old Gregorian rite Liturgy of St. Peter, in its English expression called the Sarum Rite / Litanies / The Seven Psalms and the Fifteen Psalms / Hours of the Virgin / Hours of the Guardian Angel / Baptism / Chrismation / Unction / Prayers for Death & the Dead incl. complete Burial / Marriage / Confession / An enormous variety of occasional prayers and beautiful old Anglo-Saxon prayers addressed to the Saints / Service of Thanksgiving / Fasts & Feasts / Musical notation for the Creed, Our Father, Te Deum, Sat. Vespers / more.

Gold-stamped, blue imitation leather cover, Smythe-sewn, 456 pages--this is simply a beautiful book, with twice the contents of the first and second editions. You will not be disappointed to own this book. Click here to see a picture of the book's spine. 


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A Pocket Church History for Orthodox Christians   $6.00

by Fr. Aidan Keller.  ISBN 0-923864-08-3.  This book and our annual Calendar of Saints are our best sellers. This pocket church history is an amazingly rich yet concise history of the Orthodox Church and shows how the other Christian groups relate historically to Orthodoxy. Excellent for explaining the Orthodox Church to non-Orthodox and catechumens. Covers the Early Church, the Holy Fathers, the Councils, the Schism, the major developments in the Church all the way to the 21st century. You will not be disappointed in this book. 63 pages, softbound.


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Fasts and Feasts in the Western Rite Churches     $2.95

by Fr. Aidan Keller.  This book examines Eastern and Western fast rules, especially those of the West before 1054.  Where and when did the Apostles' fast emerge as a tradition?  Wednesday and Friday fasts?  Find out in this rich little book/booklet. 21 pages, softbound.


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Chant Ordinarium     $19.95 

(Sarum chants for Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus)   Tr. and ed. Fr. Aidan Keller

Again available!  Common chants for the Western Rite liturgy (Kyrie, Kyrie-Litanies, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus, and Dismissals), in both Latin and English. All in the unique and soaring melodies of the British Chant. Attractively softbound for the music stand, gold-stamping, 110 pages.


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Westminster Benedictional  $9.95 

    NOW ON SALE FOR $8.00

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Tr. and ed. Fr. Aidan Keller.  Aficionados of old Western liturgy are aware that across much of W. Europe, when a Bishop or Abbot led the service, a set of variable blessings keyed to the day or feast was sung by the prelate during the Canon Missae. Less well known is that these were part of the Roman liturgy in Italy; they appear in the celebrated Pontificale Romanum of 1520.  It is significant that a meaningful part of the old Gregorian liturgy of the West has been restored to useability after vanishing for over 400 years. 90 pages, softbound, stamped cover.

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