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Above: holy altar of St. Gregory's Church (AWRV), Washington, DC, with traditional Western fans and cross.

I.  Art, Architecture, Iconography

Various graphic files illustrating Western-rite liturgical, architectural, and iconographic culture:

            Part I         Part II        Part III        

II.  Liturgical Chant

A.  Sarum Mass Music for Feast Days (.pdf excerpt from 'Chant Ordinarium,' made free online)

B.  Small Western rite parish choir sings ancient Western chant in English, directed by Fr. Aidan (Keller):

Officium or  Introit for Nativity.mp3

Gloria I from the SJCP Chant Ordinarium.mp3

Officium or Introit for Pascha.mp3

Alleluya on Pascha.mp3

Kyrie XVIII from the SJCP Chant Ordinarium.mp3

Royal Acclamations for Nativity Pascha Pentecost.mp3

Sanctus III from the SJCP Chant Ordinarium.mp3

Sanctus X from the SJCP Chant Ordinarium.mp3

Antiphon for Maundy Thurs.mp3

Agios o Theos for Good Friday.mp3

Hymn Kind Ruler for Holy Saturday.mp3

Te Deum at Matins.mp3

Hymn for Nativity Matins.mp3

Procession Salve Festa Dies for Pascha.mp3

C.  Michael Astley, a subdeacon of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, sings Sarum chant:

Exultet1-Preamble   (.mp3 file)

Exultet2-Part of the Consecration   (.mp3 file)

III.  Monastic Life

Rule of St. Columban of Ireland

Rule of St. Columba, 6th c.

IV.  Glossary

Glossary: Older English Churches

V.  The Holy Scriptures

   Douay-Rheims Bible     Traditional Western Orthodox Bible, put into English (a .doc file--note that it contains a large number of troublesome errors and should not be used liturgically without prior error-checking)