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New! Bilingual Western-Rite Morning & Evening Prayers
New! English Blessing of Ashes on Ash Wednesday-Old Roman Rite (Sarum)


The Liturgical Texts Project, established in 1999, includes diverse contributions from Orthodox Christians all over the world. Our thanks go to those who have assisted so generously, especially pastor Jens Schmidst-Clausen, Lutheran Church; Hieromonk Benedikt (Schneider), Moscow Patriarchate; Archimandrite Gorazd, Montenegrin Jurisdiction; Fr. Nicholas Alford, Antiochian Archdiocese; Bishop Jerome (Shaw) of Manhattan, and Reader Isaac Lambertsen, both of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia; Archpriest Jack Witbrock, of the Antiochian Patriarchate; and many others.

AWRV means Antiochian Western Rite Vicariate. Those texts are blessed for use in the Antiochian Archdiocese. 

SHP means St. Hilarion Press. Those texts are blessed (since Sept. 26, 2008) for use in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR). It should be noted that a number of other Western rite texts are also blessed for use in the ROCOR. Test.

A website for the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad's Fraternity of St. Gregory (Western rite) is here.

Note: To be viewed correctly some of the files require installing the fonts Crosses and Celtic Frames. If you cannot read the .pdf files, you must download and install the free (and highly-recommended!) progam Adobe Reader.

Sarum Mass (English)
Sarum for Laity (.pdf)
Sarum Mass (Latin)
Misa Sarum (Spanish)
Sarum Psalter Page
St. Hilarion Calendar
Tridentine Mass in Latin & Slavonic
St. John Chrysostom
St. Andrew Service Book (AWRV)
St. Colman Prayer Book (Tasmania)

Glossary of Western Rite Liturgical Terms (.html)    |    Glossary of Eastern Rite Liturgical Terms (.html)

Old Roman Rite



==================================  Liturgy / Mass  =================================

Sarum Mass with Scholarly Footnotes
(8 MB .pdf file; download with patience;
it is necessary to have the fonts on
this page installed, to see document correctly)

Sarum Mass in Latin (.pdf)

Sarum Misa en espanol (.pdf)

Sarum Mass in English (.pdf)

A Sarum Mass Version (.html)

Sarum Order of Sun. Service (.pdf)

Sarum Missa Sicca in English (.pdf)

Sarum Use-Presanctified (.pdf)

Ordo Missae Coloniensis (.pdf)

Ordo Missae Bracarensis-Braga (.pdf)

Order of Mass-Rite of Braga (.doc)

Sarum Mass Lectionary Excerpt (.pdf)

Liturgy of St. Peter the Apostle (.html)

Canon Missae in Latin & Russian

Antiphona ad communicandum (.html)

Sarum Chant Ordinarium scans (.pdf)

Sarum chant for Our Father (.pdf)

Water-blessing-Latin/Slavonic (Trid.)
  (provided by Hieromonk Benedict S.)

St. Ambrose' Prayer (Latin/Slavonic)
   (provided by Hieromonk Benedict S.)

AWRV Liturgy of St. Gregory (.pdf)

AWRV Liturgy of St. Tikhon (.pdf)

AWRV: Of thy mystical supper (.pdf)

AWRV: Of thy mystic supper (.pdf)

AWRV: Merbecke KyrieGloria (.pdf)

AWRV: Nicene Creed (.pdf)

AWRV: Merbec. SanctusAgnus (.pdf)





* Usage of Mt. Royal--the description of ceremonies and order of Mass (approved for use in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia) are .pdf files which were restored and posted courtesy of Abp. Anthony of NY, former exarchate of Alexandria.

Tridentine Mass-Latin-&-Slavonic (.pdf)

(all Slavonic texts provided by Fr. Hieromonk Benedikt Schneider)

Ambrosian Mass in Latin (.pdf)

Ambrosian Mass in English (.pdf)

Contemporary Gallican Liturgy (.html)

Stowe Missal in English (.pdf)

St Basil Liturgy-Priest-English (.pdf)

St. Chrys. Liturgy-Priest-English (.pdf)

St. Chrys. Liturgy-Serving Notes (.pdf)

St. Chrysostom Liturgy-Bishop-English (.pdf)

St Basil Liturgy-w-Bishop-English (.pdf)

St. Chrysostom/St. Basil in Swedish (.htm)

St. Chrysostom Liturgy-Latin (.pdf)

Liturgy of St. Mark (Alexandrian) (.html)

Mozarabic Liturgy or Mass (.html)

Synopsis Rituum Occidentalium (.pdf)

Usage of Mt Royal-1 (.pdf)* see left

Usage of Mt Royal-2 (.pdf)*  see left

Water-blessing-Latin/Slavonic (Trid.)
  (provided by Hieromonk Benedict S.)

====================================  Divine Office  =================================

Sarum Psalter Page (English)

Sarum Divine Office Page (Latin)

Sarum Breviary Part 1 (.pdf, no chant)

Sarum Sat. Vespers (.pdf)

Sarum Vespers with All Psalms (.pdf)

Sarum Compline (.pdf)

Sarum Sun. Matins-English (.pdf)

Sarum Third Hour or Terce (.pdf)

Sarum Sixth Hour or Sext (.pdf)

Sarum Ninth Hour or None (.pdf)

Sarum Office of BVM for Laity (.pdf)

Worcester Psalter-Table of Contents

Worcester-Saturday Vespers (.pdf)

Worcester-Little Hours (.pdf)

Office of Guardian Angel-Laity (.pdf)

Wuerzburg Sat Vespers-Latin (.pdf)

Sarum Psalm Tones-English Abridg.

Sarum Tonale (in Latin, based on Frere)

Antiphon at Communion in German | English

AWRV Matins (.pdf)

AWRV Vespers (.pdf)

AWRV Matins-Vespers-music (.pdf)

St. Dunstan Psalter-Contents

St. Dunstan Psalter-Psalms excerpt

St. Dunstan Psalter-Venite Setting

St. Dunstan Psalter-Magnificat Tone

Oblate Prayers-short office for laity

AWRV: Magnificat Bflat Major (.pdf)

AWRV: Magnificat F minor (.pdf)

awrv Nunc Dimittis Aflat Major (.pdf)

awrv Nunc Dimittis Eflat Major (.pdf)


* A large volume of work on the Tridentine Divine Office has been completed by Fr. Jack Witbrock of the Antiochian jurisdiction. As far as is known, his work does not represent an official Antiochian usage.  

Byz Daily Vespers-English (.pdf)

Byz. Akathist Hymn-Latin (.html)


=================================  Liturgy Propers  ================================

Sarum Graduale in English Part I (.pdf)
Sarum Graduale in English Part II (.pdf)
Sarum Officia or Introits (.pdf)
Sarum Antiphoner (partial) (.pdf)

Sarum Graduale-Trinity Sunday (.pdf)

Sarum Graduale-15th Sun aft Trinity

Sarum Graduale-Oct. 21 St. Hilarion (pdf)

Sarum Graduale-Mass of St. Mary (.pdf)

Dum Fabricator-Good Friday (.pdf)

Inventor Rutili (hymn for Holy Sat.)

Sarum Salve Festa-Pascha (.pdf)


Slavonic Trid.-St. Kliment (.pdf)

Slavonic Trid.-Kyril i Mefody (.pdf)

Slavonic Trid.-St. Lev (.pdf)

(all Slavonic texts provided by Fr. Hieromonk Benedikt Schneider)


================================  Divine Office Propers  ===============================

Hereford Antiphons for Lent Sundays

Sarum Hymns at Paschaltide (.pdf)

Sarum Vespers--Proper of Season (.pdf)
   (thanks to the servant of God Peter!)

See Sarum Divine Office page for Latin. 

Supplement from an AWRV church

AWRV O Antiphons (.pdf)

AWRV Paschal Lauds (.pdf)

AWRV Hymn-StAmbrose Hymnal (pdf)

AWRV Hymn-St Ambr Hymnal-2 (.pdf)


Baptism & Chrismation  

Sarum Baptism-Confirmation (.pdf)

AWRV Baptism-Confirmation (.pdf)



Sarum Churching Etc. (.pdf)

AWRV Churching (.pdf)



Sarum Confession (.pdf)

AWRV Confession (.pdf)



Sarum Wedding-English (.pdf)

Sarum Wedding-Latin (.pdf)

AWRV Wedding (.pdf)



Old English Holy Unction (.pdf)

AWRV Holy Unction (.pdf)


Burial, Requiem  

Sarum Burial Etc. (.pdf)

AWRV Burial (.pdf)


Calendar, Seasonal  

Sarum Calendar-Latin (.pdf)

Sarum Ash Wed. Service (.pdf)

AWRV Fast Rules (.pdf)

AWRV Ash Wed. Service (.pdf)

AWRV Palm Sun. Service (.pdf)



St. Hilarion Calendar 2004 (large .pdf)

Sarum Missal in Latin (.pdf)

SHP Calendar-nonLiturgical.pdf

SHP General-Prep. for Communion.pdf

SHP House Blessing.pdf

SHP Litanies.pdf

SHP Making Altar Breads.pdf

SHP Morning-Evening Prayers.pdf

SHP Nicene Creed from Scripture.pdf

SHP Prayer Book Index.pdf

SHP Reading the Scriptures.pdf

SHP Salutations of Cross.pdf

SHP Service for Travellers.pdf

SHP Seven Psalms-Gradual Psalms.pdf

SHP Table Blessings-Laity.pdf

SHP Tonsure of Beard.pdf

SHP Various Prayers.pdf

Sarum Chant in Latin-Prefatory

Consecration of Monks.pdf

Blessing of an Abbot.pdf

SHP Fast Rules.pdf


AWRV Morning-Evening Prayers.pdf

AWRV Stations of Cross.pdf

AWRV Various Prayers.pdf

Entire St. Andrews Service Book.pdf




Byz. Anathemas (.pdf)

 Of Interest: Google Books and Open Library Links (.pdf)

Sarum Breviary, Vol. 1 (proper of the season)

Sarum Order of Compline (London, Pickering, 1881)

Sarum Day Hours with Propers for the Year (in English)

Sarum Ordinal or Pye, Latin, Vol. 1

Sarum Ordinal or Pye, Latin, Vol. 2

Sarum Customary (in Latin, ed. Frere, 1898) Vol. 1

Sarum Customary (in Latin, ed. Frere, 1898) Vol. 2

Sarum Processional

Defensorium Directorii (commentary on Sarum Pye)

Paraphrases of Hymns for the Sarum Divine Office

Hymn Melodies for Sarum Divine Office

Sarum Observances in Monastic Form, at Barnwell Priory

Sarum Martyrology, in archaic English

Fasti Ecclesiae Sarum (rubrical, customary details)

Sarum Lauds-Compline, 1874, mixed with Roman use

Sarum Ordinary and Canon, English, John Dodd

Sarum Missal in English, by Pearson

Sarum Encheiridion (private prayers, late origin)

Tracts on the Mass, Legg (gives Sarum variants)

York Missal, Vol. 1 (proper of the season)

York Missal, Vol. 2 (proper of saints, etc.)

York Breviary, Vol 1 (proper of the season)

York Breviary, Vol. 2 (proper of the saints, etc.)

York Manuale & Processional, & Sarum Manuale

York Pontifical (8th c., of Abp. Egbert)

York Pontifical (13th c., with musical notation)

Lay Folks Mass Book (12th c. book, much of interest)

Ancient Liturgy of the Church of England (uses of York, Sarum, Hereford, Bangor in parallel columns)

Westminister Missal, Vol. II

Gelasian Sacramentary (ancient Roman rite)

Roman Missal of 1474 (that of 1862) (of 1894)

Roman Breviary of 1828 (that of 1861) (of 1799)

Abbatial Pontifical of Evesham (near Sarum)

Benedictional of Abp. Robert of Canterbury (11th c.)

Rosslyn Missal (a missal of Irish Use)

Corpus Christi Missal (a missal of Old Irish Use)

Drummond Missal (old missal of Irish Use)

Processional of the Nuns of Chester

Excerpts, Arbuthnott Missal & Aberdeen Breviary

Dissertation on Old English service books, Maskell

Breviary of Annecy Use

Breviary of Auxerre Use

Breviary of Brieuc Use

Breviary of Carcassonne Use

Breviary of Carthusian Use (1717)

Breviary of Coutances (its missal was akin to  Sarum)

Breviary of Evreux Use

Breviary of Lodeve Use

Breviary of Lombez Use

Breviary of Luçon Use

Breviary of Meaux Use

Breviary of Nantes Use

Breviary of Noyon Use

Breviary of Paris Use 

Breviary of Rheims Use (also: Ordinal & Martyrology)

Breviary of Rouen Use

Breviary of Sens Use

Breviary of Verdun Use

Lives of the Western  Hymnographers

Notes on Mediaeval Services & Lincoln Use

Liber Vitae of Durham (how to comm. the dead)

Liber Vitae of Winchester (various blessings)*

Canterbury Missal I (10th c.)

Canterbury Missal II (early 11th c.)

Winchester & Canterbury Tropers (10th, 11th c.)

Hereford Missal, Vol. 1

Hereford Breviary, Vol. 1

Pontifical from St. Andrew's, Scotland

Monumenta Ritualia Ecclesiae Anglicanae, Maskell, Vol. 1

Monumenta Ritualia Ecclesiae Anglicanae, Maskell, Vol. 2

Rites of Durham (miscellany)

Leonine Sacramentary (ancestor of Roman Missal)

Analecta Hymnica Medii Aevi (Sequences)

Analecta Hymnica, etc. (Anglo-Saxon Sequences)

Analecta Hymnica, etc. (Proses)

Analecta Hymnica, etc. (Tropes of the Mass)

Analecta Hymnica, etc. (Liturgical Hymns)

Analecta Hymnica, etc. (also Liturgical Hymns)

Analecta Hymnica, etc. (Rhymed Divine Offices)

Liturgical  Hymns: Swiss MSS. (e.g., for St. Oswald)

Sequences of Adam of St. Victor

Sequences (a collection publ. by Kehrein)

Latin Hymns (Mone), Vol. 3 (to the Saints)

Thesaurus Hymnologicus, Daniel, Vol. 2

Thesaurus Hymnologicus, Daniel, Vol. 5

Bangor Antiphonary (ancient Irish liturgical book)

Lives of the Saints, Baring-Gould, April

Lives of the Saints, Baring-Gould, July

Lives of the Saints, Baring-Gould, October 

Lives of the Saints, Baring-Gould, November

Lives of the British Saints, Baring-Gould, Vol. 1

Lives of the British Saints, Baring-Gould, Vol. 2

Virgin Saints & Martyrs, Baring-Gould

Roman Breviary, 1861, Mechlin

Mozarabic Psalter (Divine Office book)

Mozarabic Liturgy, in Latin, with musical notation

Ambrosian-Rite Pontifical

Martyrology of Oengus the Culdee

Irish Liber Hymnorum

Repertorium Hymnologicum (hymns, tropes)

Nova Legenda Angliae (Saints' lives)

Instructions for Priests, Myrc, shows Old English customs

Thesaurus Sacrorum Rituum, Gavantus (Roman commentary)

Parson's Handbook, Dearmer, diverse traditions hodge-podge

Church of Our Fathers, Rock, Vol. I (Catholic p.o.v.)

Church of Our Fathers, Rock, Vol. II (Catholic p.o.v.)

Church of Our Fathers, Rock, Vol. III (Catholic p.o.v.)

Monks of the West, Montalembert, Vol. 1

Monks of the West, Montalembert, Vol. 2

Monks of the West, Montalembert, Vol. 3

Monks of the West, Montalembert, Vol. 5

Anglican Chant book

Liturgies Eastern & Western

Old English (& British) Church Laws, Wilkins



     * also contains the Lives of Sts. Tancred and Torthred