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The Sarum Psalter Page
a Draft Online Sarum Psalter with Complete Musical Notation, Presented Gratis for Church Use

The following draft is made available free of charge, in the form of 16 .pdf files. No particular permission need be sought for their use but the files should not be altered and subsequently presented to others. 

While these files await a final and formal publication by the St. John Cassian Press, their contents were blessed for use in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia on Sept. 26, 2008. They are a faithful translation of the authentic Sarum services, with rubrics from the Ordinale Sarum, the Custumarium Sarum, and other authentic Sarum sources, and with chant from authentic Sarum choir books. 

Please report errors to hieromonachusaidanus (at) yahoo (dot) com. All files are (c) 2008 St. John Cassian Press, pending their publication.

FONTS: To view the files 1-16 below with their artistic designs, it will be necessary to download and install the following TTF fonts:

Celtic Frame



German Cap Ornamental Elements Ornament Init.10
DBL Medieval MedievalMotif DesignMotif
Ornamental Design

To download the fonts and the following .pdf files, right click on the link, then select "Save Target As" and specify the location on your computer where you wish to store the files. Files stored on your computer will print more rapidly. To simply view the files, left click on the link below. You must have free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view the files. If the fonts above are not installed, the pages will be only partially viewable--the artistic designs will not appear properly.

Psalter Files

1   On the Holy Psalter, page i
Introduction, with Glossary, page ii, etc. 
Festal Calendar ix
Essential Tones & Rubrics xxii
Blessings before the Matins Lessons xxiii
[Click here for an updated calendar which is easier to read and understand.]
2      PSALTER
Common Prayers 1
Sunday Matins, or Ut-song 2
3     First Hour, or Prime-song 23
Third Hour Terce, or Undern-song 37
Sixth Hour Sext, or Midday-song 42
Ninth Hour None, or Noon-song 47
Monday Matins 52
4    Tuesday Matins 67
Wednesday Matins 80
5   Thursday Matins 94
Friday Matins 110
Saturday Matins 124
6  Sunday Vespers, or Even-song 140
Monday Vespers 145
Tuesday Vespers 150
Wednesday Vespers 156
Thursday Vespers 161
Friday Vespers 167
Saturday Vespers 173

Compline, or Night-song 179

Seasonal Psalms 195


Paschaltide, Apostle(s) or Evangelist(s) 210
Paschaltide, Saint with Ruling of Choir 215
Paschaltide, Saint without Ruling of Choir 216
Paschaltide, Multiple Saints 217
Apostle(s) 218
9  One Martyr 232
Multiple Martyrs 252
One Confessor & Bishop 268
10   One Confessor & Abbot 285
Multiple Confessors 287
One Virgin & Martyr 299
One Virgin Not Martyr 313
Multiple Virgins 315
Holy Woman Not Virgin 318
Seven Psalms & Fifteen Psalms 327
Litany of Saints 333

Full Service (Saturdays) in Advent 338
Full Service, in Christmastide 345
Full Service, Purification to Advent 350
12  Full Service, in Paschaltide 364
Little Office, in Advent 370
Little Office, in Christmastide 375
Little Office, Purification to Advent 387
13  Little Office, Purification to Advent, continued
Little Vespers of the Dead Placébo 423
Little Matins of the Dead Dírige 425
Commendation of Souls with Psalm 118 435
Solemn Vigils of the Dead 440
15   CHANT
How to Read Chant 459
Eight Tones 462
16 Benedicámus Melodies 496
Procession Antiphons 496
Hymn Melodies 499

A. Additional Blessings and Prayers 506
B. Lenten Collation 508
C. Compline at Windsor (Special Ending) 509
D. Rubrics 511
E. Psalm 151, Pusíllus eram 516

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