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Icons of St. David of Wales, bp.




Scs-David-Meneviae.jpg (296781 bytes)

Icons of St. David of Wales (5-6th c.), Monastic Father, Chief Hierarch of the Cambrian (Welsh) Church, Foe of Pelagianism, consecrated Bishop by the Patriarch of Jerusalem 

Topmost Icon: of unknown provenance.

Next Icon: by the hand of iconographer Aidan Hart of England.

Next Icon: from an Icon of St. Melangell with other Saints, by the hand of G. Papageorgiou, Orthodox Church at Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales.  

Next Icon: by the hand of Nicholas Papas, Come And See Icons.

Next Icon: carved icon by the hand of Aidan Hart, Oecumenical Patriarchate, UK.

Next Icon: by the hand of Aidan Hart.

Next Icon: by the hand of Aidan Hart.

Next Icon: by the hand of Aidan Hart. The Saint with Dove on his shoulder. 

(Many thanks to the servant of God Aidan for alerting us of these images and helping us make them available to the piety of the faithful across the world)

Bottom-most there appears the reliquary which contains the deified bones of St. David, at his church in Wales.


Feast Day: March 1

St. David was Bishop of Mynyw (Menevia, now called St. David's)


"Be joyful, brothers and sisters. Keep your faith and do the little things.” 


The top icon is from the hand of Monk Aidan of Shropshire, as is the next-to-lowest; the icon second from the top is from the hand of Archimandrite David (now reposed), Walsingham. The bottom-most icon is of unknown provenance.

Sequence for the Liturgy of St. David's day in Old English liturgical books: 

"David, the radiant star of the heavens, trusty witness of the New Law,
"Shineth brightly in the land of Britain;
"By whose greatly-renowned life and teaching of the Truth
"Menevia is adorned.

"As was the birth of the Forerunner and Baptist,
"So that of this hierarch was Divinely foretold;
"How great a servant of Christ he was to be
"Honey declareth, water, and a deer, signs given from heaven.


"O Hierarch David, mighty struggler, by thy prayers,
"Mayst thou overthrow the Goliath who is enemy of our eternal destiny."

From the complete Old Sarum Rite Missal, (c) 1998 St. Hilarion Press


A note on the icon graphics we host on this site, including the above icon: 
St. John Cassian Press does not "carry," i.e., reproduce, sell, or stock these icons. Those who wish to acquire icons should contact the icon's producer / distributor, if shown; otherwise, an icon maker or distributor should be contacted (a cursory list appears on the main Icons page). 

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