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Icons of St. Gregory the Dialogist


To see greater detail, click the image above.

St. Gregory I is shown at left. At right is St. Basil the Great. 

The above image is a thumbnail. Click it to see greater detail.

Icons of St. Gregory I, the Great, Pope of Old Rome, Dialogist, Apostle of England

Feast: Mar. 12 (repose); also, Sept. 3 (his consecration)

A staunch defender of Orthodoxy, St. Gregory declared the Four Oecumenical Councils which had occurred up until his day to be equal in authority to the Four Gospels. In the 8th c., in England, he was known as "St. Gregory Chrysostom."

Top Icon: by the hand of Alexander Stolyarov, courtesy of Hieromonk Benedikt (Schneider) of the Moscow Patriarchate. A relic of the great Saint is embedded into the holy icon. St. Gregory is shown with the traditional Western tonsure and in traditional Western vestments.

Next Icon: from Mistra in Greece. Click to see greater detail.

Next Icon: of unknown provenance. 

Next Icon: of unknown provenance. 

Next Icon: from the M.P. St. Michael's parish in Göttingen, Germany, with relic embedded. 

Next Icon: by the hand of Aidan Hart, Oecum. Patriarchate, UK.

Next Icon: from the Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral in New York City. This icon is noteworthy because St. Gregory is tonsured in the ancient Western manner and is holding a three-bar cross staff which in much later times in the West was the prerogative of a "patriarch" (often not one of the historic patriarchates). The style of vestments is also very accurate for an earlier Western Bishop. It was produced from the Prosopon Iconography School of iconography master Vladislav Andreyev.

Next Icon: by the hand of Protodeacon Paul (Hommes), Joy of All Who Sorrow Monastery, Belgium.

Next Icon: of unknown provenance, with inscriptions in English. 

Next Icon: from St. Gregory the Great Western Rite Antiochian Orthodox Church.

Next Icon: from an Anglo-Saxon manuscript. 

Lower icon above is from a manuscript now kept at Monte Cassino near Rome (the saint at the left is St. Gregory; the saint on the right is St. Peter the Deacon).  

Icon of St. Gregory the Great, the First, Pope of Old Rome, Apostle of England

Top Icon of the above 3: of unknown provenance.

Next Icon: available from Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Boston.

Next Image: iconic drawing of St. Gregory, source unknown

Lower Icon of the above 2: by the hand of Fr. Gregory Abu-Asali, Buena Vista, Colorado.

My favourite icon of St. Gregory is on the iconostasis of the monastic Church of St. Edward, Brookwood, Woking, England, a monastery of the Russian Church Outside of Russia. Painted, I believe, by Fr. Theodore Jurewicz in a beautiful traditional Russian style, it has St. Gregory with a pointed "Gothic" Western mitre.  - Fr. Aidan


Topmost icon of those above: Icon of St. Gregory the Great (inscription: Gregoire le Grand), from Hieromonk Cassien, Greek Old Calendarist Hermitage in Clara, France.

Next Icon: illumination of St. Gregory from a Sacramentary of the school of Corbie, end of 9th c., in the Bibliothéque Nationale, Paris, France, with thanks to iconographer Raymond Mastroberte.

Next Icon: ivory from the 10th century, in the Vienna Museum.

Next Icon: icon drawing from a Russian icon of the Saint

Beneath the last icon appears the great reliquary of St. Gregory from the Vatican (this holy object visited the United States as part of a cultural tour this year).


A note on the icon graphics we host on this site, including the above icons: 
St. John Cassian Press does not "carry," i.e., reproduce, sell, or stock these icons. Those who wish to acquire icons should contact the icon's producer / distributor, if shown; otherwise, an icon maker or distributor should be contacted (a cursory list appears on the main Icons page). 

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Last update: 07/20/2007