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Icons of St. Leo III, pope of Rome


Icons of Holy Pope of Old Rome, Leo III

Feast: June 12

Pope of Old Rome from 795 to 816, St. Leo III was of humble origins, and for this he suffered many things at the hands of the nobles. He was accused of adultery and of perjury. In 799 he was attacked by a gang, then formally deposed and exiled to a monastery. Escaping, he met Charlemagne at Paderborn. Charlemagne had the maligned patriarch escorted to Rome. Arriving there himself, the emperor called a council which acquitted the Saint. Two days later, on Nativity, St. Leo crowned Charlemagne without prior notice to Constantinople, which gave offence to the court at Constantinople. St. Leo was much involved in disputes arising in the Anglo-Saxon Church. He is however most famous for forbidding the addition of "Filioque" to the Nicene Creed (a 6th century custom, this addition was made at Aachen in 809). In fact, he ordered the original (Orthodox) Nicene Creed to be engraved on silver tablets he caused to be affixed at the tombs of Sts. Peter and Paul at Rome, writing "Haec Leo posui amore et cautela Orthodoxae Fidei" (I, Leo, placed these here out of love and guardianship of the Orthodox faith). His feast was kept in the Old English Church particularly. Holy Father Leo, pray to God for us!

Top Icon: mosaic icon at Rome.

Final Icon: mosaic icon at Rome. St. Leo is upon the left hand.


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