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Many people, from many jurisdictions, have assisted the Project since it was initiated in 1998. Special thanks are due to Hieromonk Ambrose (Moone) of New Zealand and Aristibule Adams of Florida. To all of you, sincere thanks!   

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St. Abdon the Martyr of Rome (+ 303)  

St. Abundius, Bishop of Como in Italy (+ 469)

St. Adalbert, Apostle of Prussia (10th c.)

St. Adauctus, Martyr of Old Rome (+ ca. 304)

St. Adela, princess (ca. 5-6th c.)

 St. Adelaide, empress & foundress (+ 999)

St. Aelphege--see St. Alphege

St. Aethelheard--see St. Ethelhard

St. Aethelwold--see St. Ethelwold

St. Afra, Penitent and Martyr of Augsburg (+ c. 304)

St. Africanus, Martyr of Carthage in Africa (+ ca. 250)

St. Agapitus, youth of 15 years, martyr

St. Agapius, martyred at Rome with his family (+ 118)

St. Agatha of Catania in Sicily, virgin-martyr 

St. Aglais of Rome, whose life is connected with St. Boniface, m.

St. Agnes, Virgin-Martyr of Rome (+ c. 304)

St. Agrippina, Virgin-Martyr of Rome (+ c. 262)

St. Aidan of Lindisfarne, Apostle of N. England (+ 651)

St. Alban, Protomartyr of Britain (+ c. 304)

St. Albinus, Bishop of Angers (+ ca. 550)

St. Aldhelm, Bishop of Sherborne (+ 709)

St. Alena, Virgin & Martyr of Vorst in Flanders (+ 640)

St. Alexander, Martyr of Carthage in Africa (+ ca. 250)

St. Alexander Hotovitsky, Priest, New-Martyr (+ 1937)

St. Alexandra, Martyr of Rome 

St. Alexis the Man of God, of Rome (5th c.)  

St. Alexis Toth, Archpriest, Missionary of America (+ 1909)

St. Alexis of Ugine, Priest, Confessor (+ 1934)

St. Alkmund of Derby in England (+ 800)

All Saints of British Isles & Ireland (Synaxical Icon)

All Saints of London Icon

All Saints of Scotland Icon

All Saints of Switzerland Icon

All Saints of Trier (Treves) Icon

St. Alphege or Aelphege, Abp. of Canterbury, martyr (+ 1012)

St. Alpinian, Priest of Castelsarassin 

St. Amandus, Bishop of Maastricht (+ 679)

St. Amatus, Bishop of Sion in the Valais (+ 690)

St. Ambrose of Milan, Bishop, Church Father (+ 397) 

St. Anastasia of Old Rome, Martyr (+ c. 304)

St. Angus of Keld, ascetic (+ ca. 824)

St. Anna of Sweden & Novgorod, Grandduchess (+ 1050)

St. Ansgar of Bremen & Hamburg, Apostle of the North (+ 865)

St. Anthisa, Martyr of Rome (+ 865)

St. Anthony, Hermit-Monk of Froidemont (Liaroles)

St. Anthony the Roman, Abbot at Novgorod (+ 1147) 

St. Apollinaris, Bishop of Ravenna (1st c.)

St. Aristobulus, Apostle of Britain (1st c.) 

St. Arnold, Bishop of Metz (+ 640) 

St. Arsenius the Great, of Old Rome & Scetis (+ c. 450)

St. Attracta, Abbess in Ireland (6th c.)

St. Audomar--see St. Omer

St. Audrey--see St. Etheldreda

St. Augulus, Bishop of London, Martyr

St. Augustine of Canterbury, Apostle of England (+ 604)

St. Augustine of Hippo in Africa, Bishop (+ 430) 

St. Aurea the Abbess at Paris in France (+666)

St. Aurelia the Hermitess of Strasbourg 

St. Aurelian--see St. Paul Arelian, Bishop in Brittany

St. Autonomus, Bishop in Italy, Martyr (+ ca. 300)

St. Aventinus the Hermit 

St. Avitus of Clermont, Bishop (7th c.) 

St. Bacchus the Roman, Martyr  (+ late 3rd c.)

St. Baisar, Martyr

St. Barnabas, Apostle, Founder of the Church at Milan (1st c.)

St. Bassian of Syracuse, Bishop (+ 409) 

 St. Batilda, queen (+ 680)

St. Bavo of Ghent, Recluse, disciple of St. Amandus (+ 654) 

St. Beatrice of Old Rome, Martyr (+ ca. 304) 

St. Beatus of Thun, hermit, apostle of Switzerland (+ ca. 112) 

St. Beccan of Rhum, Missionary, Hermit (+ 677)

St. Bede the Venerable, Hieromonk (+ 735)  

 St. Bega the Anchoress of Carlistle (7th c.) 

St. Benedict of Nursia, Patriarch of Western Monks (+ ca. 547)

St. Benedict Biscop of England (+ 690)

St. Beocca, Abbot of Chertsey, Martyr under the Danes (+ 870)

St. Bernward of Hildesheim, Bishop (+1022)

St. Bertram of Mercia, king & hermit (8th c.)

St. Betti of Wirksworth, priest-missionary & founder (+ ca. 685)

St. Beuno of Wales, missionary, abbot (+ 640) (religious image)

St. Birinus, bishop of Dorchester, apostle of Wessex (+ 7th c.)

St. Blandina of Lyons, martyr (+ 177) 

St. Boethius or Severinus Boethius, Martyr (+ 525) 

St. Boisil, also known as Basil, Abbot of Melrose

St. Boniface, Martyr of Old Rome (Boniface of Tarsus)

St. Boniface, Apostle of Germany, Martyr (+754) 

St. Botulf, Abbot of Boston (+680)  

St. Brendan, Abbot, Founder of Clonfert, Navigator (+ 577)

St. Brennock, Abbot of Braunton 

St. Briachus or Brieuc of Brittany, Abbot, founder of Guingamp

St. Brigid, wonderworking Abbess of Ireland (5th c.) 

St. Brithwald (Brihtwold, Berhtwald), Bishop of Wilton by Sarum

St. Cadfarch of Wales, Founder of Churches (6th c.)  

St. Cadoc, Abbot of Llancarvan in Wales (+ ca. 575)

St. Caesarius, Deacon & Martyr of Africa (dates unknown)

St. Caesarius, Bishop of Arles (+543)

St. Calepodius, Priest & Martyr of Old Rome (+ 232)

St. Callistus, Pope of Rome, Martyr (+ 223)

St. Caprasius of Agens, Bishop

St. Cassian, Bishop of Autun 

St. Cassian of Rome, Abbot (also known as St. John Cassian)

St. Cecilia of Rome, Virgin-Martyr (2nd or 3rd c.)

St. Cedd, Bishop of London (+664)

St. Celsus of Milan, Youth & Martyr (1st c.)

St. Chad, Bishop of Lichfield (7th c.)  

St. Charity, Virgin-Martyr of Rome (with Sophia, Faith, & Hope)

St. Chrodegang, Bishop of Metz & Founder (+ 766)

St. Chrysanthus, Martyr of Rome

 St. Chryse, Virgin & Martyr of Old Rome (+ 269)

St. Chrysogonus, Martyr of Aquileia (+ 304)

St. Claudia, Martyr of Old Rome (1st c.)

St. Claudius, Bishop of Besançon (+ 696 or 699)

St. Claudius, Bishop of Vienne in Dauphiny

St. Clement, Pope and Martyr of Old Rome (+ 101)

St. Clotilde, Queen & Nun of Paris

St. Cloud, that is, Clodoald, Abbot of St. Nogent, Paris (ca. 560)

St. Colman, Bishop of Lindisfarne (Holy Island) (+ 676) 

St. Colman of Oughaval (Oak Vale) 

St. Colman or Kolonat of Würzburg, priest, martyr (+689)

St. Columba, or Columcille, Abbot of Iona (+597) 

St. Columban, Abbot of Bobbio (+ 615) (also, Columbanus)

St. Columcille (Columba) of Iona (+ 597) 

St. Comgall, Abbot of 8,000 Monks at Bangor (+ 603) 

 St. Constantine of Strathclyde, King & Monk (7th c.)

St. Constantine, Emperor (with St. Helen) 

St. Corbinian, Bishop of Freising (+ 730)

St. Corentinus, Bishop of Quimper in Brittany 

St. Cormac, Missionary & Abbot of Durrow (+ 590)

St. Cornelius, Pope & Martyr of Rome (+ 253)

St. Cosmas, Unmercenary Healer, Martyr of Rome (+ 284)

St. Cowey, Abbot in Ireland

St. Crescens, Bishop & Martyr of Vienne, disciple of St. Paul

St. Crispina of Africa, Martyr (+ 304) 

St. Cummian the Fair, Abbot of Iona (+ ca. 665)

St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, Bishop, Wonderworker (+ 687) 

St. Cyprian, Hieromartyr of Carthage (+ 258) 

St. Cyriacus or Quiricus, Martyr 

St. Cyril, Enlightener of the Slavs (+ 869)

St. Cyril, Bishop of Catania in Sicily (1st-2nd c.)

 St. Dagobert, king and martyr (+ 679) 

St. Damian, Unmercenary Healer, Martyr of Rome (+ 284)

St. Daniel of Bangor, Bishop in Wales (+ 584)

St. David of Wales, Bishop, Foe of Pelagianism (5-6th c.) 

St. Daria, Martyr of Old Rome (+ 283)

 St. Declan, Bishop & Abbot of Ardmore (5th c.)

St. Demetrius, Priest, Martyr of Paris (+ 1944)

St. Dionysius, Bishop & Martyr of Paris (2nd c.)

St. Dionysius, Bishop of Vienne in Dauphiné

 St. Dionysius Exiguus, Abbot of Rome (+ ca. 544)

St. Dodolin, Bishop of Vienne in Dauphiné

 St. Dominic, Abbot of Sora (+ 1031)

St. Dominica, holy Martyr of Campania, Italy (ca. +303) 

St. Dominica, "the Righteous," of Carthage & New Rome (+ 474)

St. Domnolus, Bishop of LeMans

St. Donald of Ogilvie, Confessor of Scotland (of the 9 daughters)

 St. Donatus of Arezzo, Bishop & Martyr (+ 362)

 St. Donnan or Donan, Abbot & Martyr in Scotland

 St. Drostan of Aberdeen, Hermit (+ 6th c.)

St. Dunstan, Abp. of Canterbury (+ 988) 

St. Dyfrig, or Dubricius of Wales, Abp. of Caerleon (+ ca. 545) 

St. Dymphna, Martyr, Patroness of Mental Illness (+ ca. 650)

St. Eanswitha of Folkestone, Royal Abbess (+ 640) 

St. Edmund, King of East Anglia, Martyr (+ 870) 

St. Edward, King of England, Passion-Bearer (+ 979) 

St. Edwin, King & Martyr of Northumbria (+ 633) 

St. Egbert, Archbishop of York 

St. Eilian 

St. Eleutherius, Deacon, Martyr of Paris (2nd c.)

St. Eleutherius, Bishop of Tournai, Martyr (+ 532)

St. Elias Fondaminsky of Paris, Martyr (+ 1945)

St. Eligius, Bishop of Noyon & Tournai, also called Eloi (+ 660)

St. Elizabeth, grandduchess and new-martyr (+ 1918)

St. Elvis, Bishop of Emly in Ireland (St. Ailbas or Ailbhe) (+527)

St. Emma the Foundress, of Gurk (+ 1045)

St. Emmeramus of Ratisbon, Bishop (late 8th c.)

St. Epiphanius the Peaceable, Bishop of Pavia in Italy (+ 496)

St. Erkenwald, Bishop of London (also, Erconwald)

St. Ethelbert, English King at Canterbury (+ 616) 

 St. Ethelbert, King & Martyr of E. Anglia (+ 794)

St. Ethelburga, Abbess of Faremoutier (+ 664) 

St. Etheldreda, Royal Abbess of Ely (+ 679) 

St. Ethelhard, Archbishop of Canterbury (+805) 

St. Ethelwold, or Aethelwold, Bishop of Winchester (+984) 

St. Etherius, Bishop of Auxerre

St. Ethor, Priest of Chertsey, Martyr under the Danes (+ 870)

 St. Eugenia, Abbess of Hohenburg (+ 735)

St. Eugenia, Martyr of Rome (+ c. 257) 

St. Eulalia, Martyr of Barcelona in Spain (+ ca. 304)

St. Eulalia, Martyr of Mérida in Spain (+ ca. 304)

St. Euphronius, Bishop of Tours (+ 573)

St. Euplus, Deacon-Martyr of Catania in Sicily (+ 304)

St. Eustace, or Eustathius, martyred at Rome with his kin (+ 118)

St. Euthalia, Martyr of Syracuse in Sicily 

St. Fabiola, Hospice Foundress (4th-5th c.)

St. Faith, Martyr of Rome (with Sophia, Hope, Charity)

St. Faith, Virgin-Martyr of Agens in Gaul (3rd c.)

St. Felicitas, Martyr of Carthage (3rd c.)

St. Felix, Apostle of East Anglia (+ 648)

St. Felix, Martyr of Old Rome

 St. Felix III, Pope of Old Rome

St. Finan, Bishop of Lindisfarne, successor of St. Aidan (+ 661)

St. Findlugan, Hermit of Finlaggan in Scotland (early 7th c.)

St. Florentius, Bishop & Martyr of Vienne in Dauphiné 

St. Florentius II, Bishop of Strasbourg (+693)

St. Florentina, Abbess of Cartagena, sister of St. Leander 

 St. Florian, martyr (+304)

St. Foillan, Irish Abbot & Martyr in Gaul (+ 655)

St. Frederick, Bishop of Utrecht (+ c. 879)

St. Fulgentius, Bishop of Ruspe in Africa (+ 533)

St. Fursey of Burgh Castle (+ ca. 648) 

St. Galactorius, Bishop of Lescar, martyr 

St. Gall, Apostle of Switzerland (+ 635) 

St. Gaudericus, Confessor of Christ in Languedoc 

St. Gaugericus, or Gery, Bishop of Cambrai (+ ca. 614)

St. Genesius, martyr, of Arles (reliquary picture) (+303)

St. Genevieve, Eldress and Wonderworker of Paris (+ 500)

 St. Gengulph, Recluse-Martyr of Varennes, Burgundy (+ 760)

St. Geoffrey, Abbot of Wearmouth / Jarrow (+ 716)

St. George, Martyr of Palestine, Patron of England (d. 303)

St. George (Yuri) Skobtsov, of Paris (+ 1945)

St. Gerald of Aurillac in Gaul, Confessor (+ 909)

St. Gerald of Mayo, Bishop (+ 731)

St. Gerard of Brogne, Abbot & Founder (+ 959)

St. Germanus--see St. Herman

St. Gertrude, Abbess of Nivelles (+ 659)

St. Gervasius, Protomartyr of Milan (1st c.) with St. Protasius.

St. Giles, Abbot of Narbonne in Gaul (8th c.) 

St. Goar, Priest & Hermit of Aquitaine (+649)

St. Gratus, Bishop of Oloron 

St. Gregory, Bishop of Agrigentum in Sicily (+ 638) 

St. Gregory the Great, Pope, Apostle of England (+ 604)

 St. Gregory of Tours, Bishop, Hagiographer (+ 594)

St. Gudula, Nun of Nivelles (+ ca. 712)

St. Guido, Abbot of Pomposa, ascetic (+ 1046)

St. Gundleus, Welsh King and Penitent (6th c.)

St. Guthlac, Hermit of East Anglia (+ 714)

 St. Gwen, the Three-Breasted (5th c.)

St. Gwydfarch, ascetic of Wales

St. Gwynog, bishop in Scotland (+ 838)

St. Gwyrnerth of Bardsey, Monk (6th c.)

St. Halvard, martyr of Norway (+ 1045)

St. Helen, Empress (with St. Constantine) (+ c. 330)

St. Heliodorus, Bishop of Altino, Confessor (+ 390)

St. Henry II, Emperor (+ 1024)

 St. Herbert, Hermit-monk of Derwentwater (+ 687)

St. Hermagoras, Bishop in Aquileia (1st c.)

St. Herman of Spruce Island, Alaska (+ 1837)

St. Herman, Bishop of Auxerre (+ 448)

St. Herman, Bishop of Paris (+ 576)

St. Hermenegild, Royal Martyr of Spain (+ 586)

St. Hilaria, mother of St. Afra, Martyr (+ 304)

St. Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers (+367)

St. Hilda, Abbess of Whitby (7th c.)

St. Hildelitha, Nun of Barking Monastery near London (+ 712)

 St. Hippolytus, Pope & Martyr of Old Rome (+235)

St. Honoratus, Abbot & Founder of Lérins in S. France (+ 429)

St. Hope, Virgin-Martyr (with Sophia, Faith, & Charity)

St. Hosius, Bishop of Córdova in Spain 

St. Hubert, Bishop of Liège (+ 727)

St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Martyr of Old Rome 

St. Ildephonse of Toledo, Archbishop (+ 667)

St. Innocent of Alaska & Irkutsk, Apostle to America (+ 1879)

St. Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons (2nd-3rd c.)

St. Irenaeus, Bishop of Sirmium, Martyr (+ 304)

St. Irmina, nun of Trier & Weissenburg, foundress (+ ca. 710)

St. Isidore, bishop of Seville in Spain (7th c.)

St. Ita, Abbess of Killeedy (+ c. 570)

St. Ivo or Ive of Cornwall--see St. Yves of Cornwall

St. Jacob Netsvetov, Priest & Missionary of Alaska (+ 1864)  

St. James the Apostle, of Compostela (1st c.)

St. James of Catania in Sicily, Bishop 

St. Januarius of Benevento, Bishop, Martyr (+ ca. 305)

St. Jeffrey --- see St. Geoffrey

St. Jerome of Bethlehem, Priest, Abbot (early 5th c.) 

St. John the Evangelist (1st c.), illuminated MS. 

St. John of Beverley, Metropolitan of York (+ 721)

St. John Cassian---see St. Cassian of Rome

St. John of Gorze, Abbot (+ 974)

St. John Kochurov of Chicago & Russia, New-martyr (+ 1917)

St. John Maximovitch, Archbishop, Wonderworker (+ 1966)

St. John Theristus, monk of Calabria (+ 1050 or 1169)

St. Joseph of Arimathea / Glastonbury (1st c.)

St. Judoc of Ponthieu in Brittany, Priest & Hermit (+ 675)

St. Julia, Virgin Martyr of Carthage (5th c.)

St. Julian of LeMans, Bishop, Apostle of Celtic Gaul (2nd c.)

St. Julian, Martyr of Brioude in Gaul (+ 304)

St. Julian the Hospitable, penitent of Gaul (9th c.) 

St. Julius I, Pope of Old Rome, Confessor (+ 352) 

St. Justa, Virgin & Martyr of Spain (+ 287)

St. Justin of Rome, the Philosopher, Martyr (+ c. 165)

St. Justina of Padua, Virgin & Martyr (+ 304)

St. Justus of Alcala, Child-Martyr (+ c. 304)

St. Juvenal of Alaska, Priest & Martyr (+ 1796)

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